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Interesting article published today on Pet bans in Strata Schemes.

Most Australians are inherently reasonable and do not presume to regulate their neighbours' private lives. One glaring exception is pets in strata schemes.

Many strata schemes have created bylaws that ban all pets, irrespective of whether a pet is having any meaningful effect on others. Blanket pet bans prohibit cats who never leave the house and dogs who snore on the sofa all day, leaving the apartment once f...

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Want to rent in NZ ? Don't eat KFC or Macca's...
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NEW Zealand landlords are demanding copies of prospective tenants’ bank statements in a move that’s been denounced as “unethical”, and raised privacy and discrimination concerns.


As the pressures on the rental market increases with about a third of all Kiwis now renting, landlords and property managers are seeking further proof that potential tenants can cough up the rent.

Auckland-based property manager Rachel Kann told a social services select committee last month, which was hearing submissions on the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (No 2) to scrap letting fees, that she routinely asks for bank statements.

“I don’t just want to put a tenant into a property and no sooner have they been put in they can’t afford the rent,” she said.

“They’re paying somebody’s mortgage and I see a lot of people who are low socio-economic and their bank statements literally will read, ‘KFC, McDonald’s, the dairy, KFC, McDonald’s, court fine’, trucks that they buy, goods that they can’t afford. You know, I see a lot of mismanagement of money.”

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